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Motorcycle only checkpoints in Ga. – ABATE ALERT

Posted by Aaron "Cujo" Cooley on February 24, 2011

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Dear friends, bikers, Bikers, and freedom loving Americans in & around the state of Georgia

I have come across some troubling news.
(yes, I used the biker word twice – on purpose-  if I hafta’ explain, you wouldn’t understand anyway)

The State of Ga. is receiving funding for motorcycle only checkpoints.
Many believe, as do I, that these are discriminatory and illegal.
I have included many links below – I encourage all my friends – bikers or not – to download, print, sign, and mail the letter to Governor Deal encouraging him to stop this anti-biker program.
In the meantime – If you are planning any miles in Ga. make SURE you have your stuff together.

See this handbook for police officers… I read through it last night (99 pages) Click this link then scroll to the bottom of the page to view the training manual.

It details the training for officers specifically relating to motorcycles, gear, and equipment, and how to handle them/us. – In all 99 pages I found one paragraph containing only a few sentences addressing the “profiling” of motorcyclists and how to avoid the charge…

SPECIAL NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO CLICK THE LINK – If you click the article title link on the page (Stop Motorcycle Only Checkpoints in Georgia), it will download a letter to the Governor of Ga. voicing opposition to the checkpoints. All you have to do is print it, sign it, and mail it.

Examples of the NY and VT safety inspection reports are included for local LEO to create their own for their local jurisdiction.
Currently ABATE is working against this in GA, but don’t count on a lot of headway before next weekend.
I received info yesterday through a trusted source that GSP will be working VERY hard on Ga. interstates. I do not know about local LEO working individual jurisdictions off the interstate.

You can rest assured that areas around south Ga. on I-75 (Lowndes County near Valdosta) and I-95 between Savannah and the state line will be especially well protected by Ga.’s finest.

I would encourage all heading south to make sure you have all your documents in order..This is a pilot program with only $70,000 to launch it…but leo WILL make revenue in order to keep it alive.

Be well, travel smart, and stay alert…


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